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Medical equipment used to view and analyze the ear canal and tympanic membrane are otoscopes.
Ear otoscope made-up by head and a handle. A light source and a basic low-power magnifying glass make up the head. The distal portion of the otoscope consists of a disposable plastic ear specula connexion. Typically, the lens is removable to allow instruments to be inserted through the specula to recover foreign bodies or earwax and accumulated dead skin cells. Otoscopes may be placed on a wall, or they can be portable.

This ear scope will operate on three power sources: rechargeable batteries, permanent link to a battery source, or batteries that can be disposed of.

The digital otoscope lights also have three variants: direct light, indirect light, and fiber optic. The otoscopic examination allows the doctors to identify any discrepancies.
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How to choose an Otoscope?
Various factors should be taken into consideration while buying an otoscope for clinical practice or for professional medical work.

1. The Power Source-Depending on whether you need a stationary or portable power source, choose an otoscope that fits your clinical routine

2. The Size-Otoscope is available in various sizes and you can choose a size appropriate to your requirement. The Otoscope is available in regular sizes and pocket-sized versions.

3. The Functions-Many otoscopes have rheostats, ports for insufflations, and interchangeable lenses that add to the otoscope’s properties. Added features make the otoscope more powerful but may also increase the price of the otoscope.

4. Form of specula-A specula can be disposable or non-removable. Non-removable speculation is more difficult to maintain because they require continuous disinfection, disposable speculation may be rejected after single use.

5. Information storage and transmission-Some otoscopes can capture, store, and exchange images from the inspection. These features allow better chronic case reporting and tracking of the progress of recovery during treatment.

6. Internet Connectivity-Some Internet connectivity otoscopes allow for faster information transfer

7. Illumination-The illumination that the bulb offers is an important consideration when selecting an otoscope. A halogen bulb provides the least illumination, although the most illumination is provided by an LED bulb

8. Based on their characteristics and specifications, the cost-otoscope prices in India. Usually, technologically advanced macro-view otoscopes are more costly. The price of Otoscope if you purchased it from an Otoscope distributor, are relatively less.

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