PPE Kits

Introduction of PPE Kit
Personal Protective Equipment Kits (PPE Kits) are garments or equipment that are meant to be worn over clothing to protect the wearer’s body from exposure to a hazardous environment or injury.

Medical PPE Kits
The term ‘PPE Kits’ generally refer to Medical PPE Kits nowadays, since the global pandemic has emerged. These Medical PPE Kits are meant to cover one’s body completely and ensure that in case the wearer is in an infectious environment, they can work there without being exposed. These PPE Kits generally include one full-body plastic suit, gloves, shoe covers, and masks or face shields. They’re generally for one time use and are generally made of plastic with a coat of wax sometimes. There are 4 levels of PPE kits-

Level D kits are meant to be a work uniform to protect from minor contaminations, and generally include coveralls, boots, and gloves, with other equipment being optional, depending on the use case.
Level C kits are used when there is a minor airborne threat but skin and eye exposure is not likely. These kits include NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) approved full-face or half-faced masks with air-purifying respirators, disposable chemical-resistant coveralls, two layers of gloves, and steel-toed and chemical-resistant boots.
Level B kits are used when there is a substantial airborne threat but lesser skin and eye exposure threat. These include NIOSH approved positive pressure respirators with escape SCBA, hooded coveralls with long sleeve jackets with chemical resistance, two layers of gloves, and steel-toed and shank boots. (Shank is a piece of steel that is meant to manage load under the shoe to keep balance on uneven terrain)
Level A kits are meant for the highest level of protection against the threat of exposure through the skin, eye, and mucous membrane. They have a NIOSH approved positive pressure SCBA, fully encapsulating chemical protective suit, inner and outer chemical-resistant gloves, and steel-toed and shank boots.
Other PPE Kits
There are also other types of PPE kits, that have specialized uses. Construction PPE kits don’t cover the entire body, but they have strong helmets and boot and include a high visibility jacket (the shiny green or orange jacket). Then there is the Hazmat suit, very popular in movies and video games, these are meant to completely seal the wearer from the outside environment and often contain Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA), enabling them to breathe clean air in environments that don’t have breathable or dangerous air. Even sporting gear, like shin guards or helmets, count as PPE kits.

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